Most Popular Sports in America 2020 (Part 1)

In this list you will find the most famous, most-watched, most profitable and most played sports in America which will tell you about the American’s preference in sports.

Our list is collected from various source of information on websites that are being searched or browsed the most in America. Let us know if you feel we didn’t include any popular sport. And, to know about the worldwide popular sports, remember the list thoroughly.

1. American Football (NFL)

American Football is the most famous sport in America and ranked as the 9th Most Popular Sport in the World. The Biggest Competition is hosted under the National Football League(NFL). Football or Gridiron is more famous in Southern states of America, such as Texas, Florida, and California.

People of America do not just love watching Football at homes but enthusiastic fans are coming in groups of thousands to watch games on stadiums. In 2012 the league had attached an average attendance of 67,600 fans at each game. That is more popular than any other sports league in the world. Besides, this league now also home to some of the most handsome NFL players in the world.

With the attraction of payment and fame, football is the most famous sport in America. The list of highest-paid footballer in the world is mostly dominated by American football players. Nowadays fans can enjoy Thursday Night Football from anywhere in the world and watch it with fast and high-quality streaming.

2. Baseball (MLB)

Baseball is the second most famous sport in America and ranked as the 7th most popular sport in the world.

This sport is also considered as the United State’s national pastime. In America, there are mainly two levels of baseball competition, including minor and major league baseball (MLB). The popularity of Baseball has not just reached a great height in America but all around the world. A huge number of fans are now watching baseball matches.