Top 5 NFL teams in the last 5 years

I think a lot of guys who are interested in American football have had a similar story. For example, a drunken socker fan sat down with me, for me socker is European” common ” football, and football is American. And started a regular cart about: Oh, it’s like Rugby? they are Pindos? there are only Negroes, nothing is clear and the usual nonsense, when a person does not really want to know, but just wants to DOE* * and participate in the role of a skeptic with the premise “what are you building? come on, change my mind…” If you are really interested and you do not want to stupidly Hayat without understanding the game, then read on. Many people ask: “Where to start”? Personally, I advise you, if you don’t have a friend who can tell you the basics, first watch a couple of videos on YouTube on the rules of the game, then super bowl 51 between the new England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, preferably with Russian commentators (in the VK this content is available) + don’t forget about the Halftime Show at halftime. If it goes, then you choose your favorite team, and you are in the sect. I want to stop at the choice of the team, usually choose from several points. I like the logo, the city, the name, the girls in their support group are cool. The degree of recognition of the team or the player playing in it, Aah, did you hear something, was it his wife who met DiCaprio? And how often the team wins, participates in games through and through, wins the super Bowl. Yes, people like to enjoy their team’s wins, look how many fans appeared at Manciti and PSG, and where did they hide 10 years ago?

Here is on this I decided to go into more detail. In short, there are 32 teams in the NFL, they are divided equally into two Conferences, each Conference is divided into 4 divisions, the winner of the division goes to the playoffs anyway plus 3 (from this year, before 2) Conference teams with the best win-loss ratio, the winner of the playoffs wins the super bowl. I calculated the ratio of wins to all matches played in the last 5 years(including play-offs), as the competition is huge in the NFL and the teams is not stable (don’t start until this team can get), the results of the calculations in the top-11 was not even the winner of the Superbowl. This is not a socker, where you can dominate for decades with a large budget, here everyone has an equal budget and you need to figure out how to create a team-a dynasty.

1 Нью-Инглэнд Пэтриотс

The team-the Dominator of the last 20 years, zadolbala all but their fans, but in the super Bowl you know who to root against, the greatest coach-Fuhrer, prone to cheating, but for this Reich has already come 44th year and soon their non-falling in the final of the playoffs will not surprise anyone.

2 Kansas City Chiefs

The current NFL champion, the last 5 years without missing a playoff game, the best and most spectacular quarterback of the last two years, at the very beginning of his career. A great coach, but aged, soon to retire.

3 Pittsburgh Steelers

They know how to recruit great new players to the team, but some of them then start to get stupid and get away from them, there is a joke-a curse with a towel and a real fat quarterback.

4 New Orleans Saints

A spectacular offense, in the playoffs there are often absurdities and mistakes of the judges, because of which they are thrown out of the fight for a win in the season, the legendary quarterback is a record-holder in the lineup, but is already preparing for retirement.

5 Minnesota Vikings

A nice team with a cool identity, the atmosphere of Scandinavia and Ragnar, while something is missing before getting to the super bowl.