Most Popular Sports in America 2020 (Part 2)


Golf comes in the 7th position in the most popular sport list of the USA. Tiger Woods obviously the most popular contemporary Golf players in the United States despite his arguable personality. Besides, he is also one among the best golfers of all time that made people of America proud. Golf is also the 8th most popular sport across the world.

Wrestling | WWE

Pro-wrestling is the next most popular sport in the list of the USA. The wrestling hosted under WWE is highly followed and admired by American people. Undertaker, John Cena, Stone Cold, and The Rock are some of the most popular WWE talents of all time in the USA. Professional wrestling after the 1920s, was considered as a legitimate sport although it did not endure into the 1930s, as professional wrestling became identical with modern theatrics, moving away from being a showcase to true competition. The scripted nature of the sport has made critics consider it as an illegitimate sport, particularly in comparison to boxing, mixed martial arts, and amateur wrestling. No major promoter or wrestler denies that modern professional wrestling has predetermined match results.

Motor Sports

Motor Sports includes auto-car and motorcycle racing, is the 9th sport in the list of Most Popular Sports in the USA. NASCAR is the biggest organization that organizes races in America. Motor Sports is also the 2nd most-watched sport after Football across the American continent.


Badminton is one of the best and most-watched sports on the American sports list. Lots of people playing this game for recreational purpose but at national-based, this game has no name. Badminton is also an easy game that people can play anywhere with minimum investment on equipment. This game mostly played in Educational Institutes.

It’s not a hugely famous sport in the United States as in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Denmark, and Indonesia. But still, it’s one of the 10th most popular sport in the country.