The Great Mariano

Mariano Rivera is one of the greatest players in baseball history. In January of this year, the legendary Yankees pitcher became the first player to be elected to the baseball Hall of fame by unanimous decision. Andrey Zhidkov tells the story of the great Panamanian.

And two things brought us back to the path of truth – the signing of a new heavyweight contract for Yankees pitcher LIUs Severino, and the start of preseason MLB championship games. But this is not about them.

We wrote great materials about a variety of sports – hockey, basketball, American football, Boxing. But, when it came to baseball, we used only the news – a huge thank you for the update Sergey Glezarova. And yet this offseason in major League baseball there has been an incredible event that is unique for any other sports League in North America. For the first time in the history of major League baseball, a player who received 100 percent of the electoral Commission’s vote was selected to the Hall of fame. This has never happened before! This player is Mariano Rivera. Further in this article, a story about the great new York Yankees reliever and why he is a true legend!


For those who started watching baseball in the early 2000s, the names of Mariano Rivera, Derick Jeter, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettit, Mark Teixeira are iconic. They are respected regardless of whether you were a fan of the Red SOx or the Dodgers, the Mets or the Giants – it doesn’t matter. These guys made themselves respected with an incredible talent and a great attitude to the game, which they gave themselves to the fullest. It’s a different story with one of the most striking players on that team, Mr. Jennifer Lopez-Alex Rodriguez. But add it to that list, and you get one of the greatest teams in baseball history. They were gods! Well, or if you are closer to comparing “Yankees” with the Evil Empire – they were dark lords.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a new era began in baseball – the rules changed, a big League appeared, and a deliberate system of competitions. The new era of baseball was the era of the New York Yankees. In the early days of baseball, there were three big teams in new York: the Dodgers, the Giants, and, in fact, the Yankees. Later, there will be one-the Dodgers and giants will go to California. Even later, a bright fake will appear in new York (as most residents of the Big Apple believe) under the team of the past – “new York Metropolitans”. But the capital of the world will already be captured by the frenzied love for the Yankees. The Yankees are the most new York of all new York.

But let’s go back to the strength of the team during the new era. “Yankees” by the invincible Spanish army of the 16th century, with their great Tertii. Like the army that terrified all of Europe, the Yankees had great wars that got a boost from the team’s unsurpassed past. They led it to new successes, to pass the banner of victory to new great wars. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Reggie Jackson – these are just a little bit, the cream of the elite of the baseball Empire. Bernie Williams, bill Dickey, whitty Ford, Yogi Berra – hell, if we decide to list all the great players in new York Yankees history, we have a chance of not finishing this article by the start of next season. The Yankees are in the same category as real Madrid, the basketball Lakers, the hockey Canadiens, the Patriots of bill Billichek, the English Manchester United, the Brazilian national football team – although no, probably the Yankees are even bigger (the Americans will definitely say much bigger). Sports resources ESPN and Bleacher Report in one voice recognized the “Yankees” – the main sports franchise of modern sports. We won’t argue. In the end, the Yankees and the same” real ” are connected by the fact that they are loved and hated equally much. Some consider them to be fiends of hell, others to be proof of the existence of Paradise. In the United States, “Yankees” is loved by most of the population! “Yankees” – the image of America! The heart of an American beats in unison with the chant “Let’s go, Yankees”, and their children are born in caps with the famous emblem, imprinted with two letters “N”and “Y”. But even those who fiercely hate the Yankees recognize the greatness of their achievements. It is impossible not to recognize them!