In Arizona, allowed to resume sports events without spectators

Arizona Governor Doug doucey announced that starting may 16, the state will again be able to hold sports events.

Professional leagues, including the NBA, NHL, NFL And MLB, will be able to resume activity in Arizona from Saturday, but without spectators in the stands. Dusi said that he had already discussed the situation with the leaders of some of these leagues.

In the United States, restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus are gradually being lifted.

Jerry Reinsdorf: “Continued to pay Jordan on an NBA contract when he was playing baseball».

The owner of the “Chicago” Jerry Reinsdorf in the documentary “Last dance” told how he continued to pay Michael Jordan under the contract for the 93/94 season, when the legendary basketball player played baseball for the farm club “Chicago white SOx”.

“In addition to the bulls, I was the owner of the Chicago white SOx. When Jordan signed with the baseball team, I continued to pay him on a basketball contract that was more than $ 3 million a year.

I had no reason to pay him, other than the fact that he was underpaid his entire career. He made a lot of money, for a lot of people.

In my opinion, if Michael Jordan had continued to play baseball, he would have ended up in MLB, ” Reinsdorf said.

On Sunday, may 10, ESPN showed the next two episodes of the documentary ” the Last dance “about Michael Jordan and” Chicago ” of the 90s.

Five Cuban and one American baseball player were eligible to play for the Russian national team

Five Cuban and one American baseball player will be able to play for the Russian national team.

Athletes became Russian citizens in 2019 and have already changed their sports citizenship in accordance with the regulations of the world baseball and softball Confederation (WBSC) and the European baseball Confederation (CEB).

“Five Cuban citizens-Rodriguez telles Adrian, Valiente Luis Junior, Castello Amador Rodi Yasmani, Castillo Velasquez David Alejandro, Soler Hinojosa Geidis-and one US citizen-Victor Alexander Cole II-became Russian citizens.

Thus, the athletes got the opportunity to play for the Russian national baseball team. It is important to note that by the time of obtaining citizenship, athletes were already actively assimilated.

Viktor Cole’s father, Viktor Cole Sr., was born in Leningrad, played in Major League baseball (MLB), and played for the Russian national team during its tour of the United States.

The athletes themselves played in the Russian baseball championship: Cubans for russtar, with Which they won one of the European club Championships-the Federation Cup qualification, which was held in June 2019 in Moscow.

Valiente Luis Junior became the most valuable player (MVP) of the 2018 Russian championship as part of the SBU SSHOR # 42 Moskomsport, Victor Cole as part of the same team took third place at the end of the 2019 Russian championship,” said Dmitry Kiselev, President of the Russian baseball Federation.