How a baseball player saved the US flag from being burned. The legendary “intercept” is 44 years old

Today marks the 44th anniversary of a legendary episode in the history of baseball. Protesters ran into Dodger stadium during an MLB game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Chicago cubs and tried to burn the U.S. flag. cubs Outfielder Rick Munday ran up to them and snatched the flag.

When Munday took the field in the next inning, the scoreboard lit up with the words “Rick Munday, you played well.”

Notably, in 1977, Munday moved from the cubs to the Dodgers, his rivals in a historic matchup. In MLB, the baseball player played until 1984, and now works as a TV commentator.

New York Yankees co-owner Henry Steinbrenner dies

The MLB basketball club “new York Yankees” in its official Twitter announced the death of the team’s co-owner, Henry “Hank” Steinbrenner. He died at the age of 64 after a long illness.

Henry Steinbrenner became co-owner of the new York Yankees in 2010 with his brother Harold after the death of their father, George.

The Yankees are the most decorated MLB club. Since 1901, when it was founded, the club has won 27 League titles.

Trump canceled the agreement between MLB and the Cuban baseball Federation

US President Donald trump canceled the agreement that was concluded between MLB and the Cuban baseball Federation as part of the continuation of the diplomatic rapprochement between the US and Cuba, initiated by Barack Obama. According to AFP, the trump administration made this decision to put pressure on the Cuban authorities, whose policies the US does not agree with.

The historic agreement that allowed MLB clubs to sign Cuban players officially was signed in December 2018. But now it will not be implemented. The ban forced some Cuban baseball players to literally flee the country to pursue careers in the United States. Since 2014, 350 players have defected to the United States.