The Most Popular Sport in All 50 States

No matter where you live in the United States, American sports are a part of every community. Although some prefer football stadiums over basketball arenas or even famous ballparks, there are unmatched traditions in each state. So which sport does each state really love the most?

We are specializes in different maps on social media, and we have our answer. The wide majority of sports enthusiasts bases across the country love football, but some of these states really might surprise us.

Most Popular Sports in America By State

College Football (20 States)

College football is the biggest winner here. Although some states such as Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania and Oregon all have big professional sports teams, it’s pretty clear sports fan’s allegiances truly lie on Saturdays in the fall.

Professional Football (13 States)

Although most of these states do not have a National Football League team, all of them are close to a major professional franchise. It’s not surprising to see Colorado with the Denver Broncos or Texas on this list, but it is a little surprising Indiana is a big NFL fan with the Indianapolis Colts given the rich tradition and history with basketball.

It’s Super Bowl or bust for these states. They love American football, from high school to the NFL, especially America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys.

Professional Baseball (9 States)

In these states, America’s Pastime shines the brightest. Of course, it makes since when these states include Major League Baseball teams like the St. Louis Cardinals, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. It’s pretty amazing the entire New England area is still heavy with the MLB, although there’s no doubt the gap has shrunk over the years.

College Basketball (5 States)

When you think of the best times in college basketball history, Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina all come to mind, so this should be no shock to see these states loving college basketball the most.




New Mexico

North Carolina