Skip Bayless: “No one wanted to see Isaias Thomas in the dream team»

Famous TV host Skip Bayless believes that the legendary player Isaias Thomas was not included in the” dream team ” of 1992 not only because of the desire of Michael Jordan.

According to Bayless, the entire team didn’t want Thomas in the lineup.

“Stop pinning it on Michael, because the whole team, starting with magic Johnson, who had more influence at that moment, didn’t want to play with him.

In the end, it didn’t matter what Jordan really thought, because no one wanted to see Thomas as part of the dream team. Team chemistry matters when you’re trying to win a world championship. Isaias didn’t fit them,” Bayless said.

Michael Jordan: “I said that I would not play it if ISAA Thomas will be part of the “dream team»

The legend of “Chicago” Michael Jordan in the documentary series “Last dance” denied his involvement in the fact that the defender of “Detroit” Isaias Thomas was not taken to the famous US team in 1992.

However, in the podcast “the Dream Team Tapes”, Jordan admitted that if Thomas was in the dream team, then Jordan would not have gone to the Olympics in Barcelona.

“Rod Thorne called me. I said: “Rod, I won’t play if Isaias Thomas is on the team. He assured me that Thomas would not be there.

He said: “You know what? Charles Barkley doesn’t want to play with Isaias. So Isaei will not be in the team, ” Jordan said.

Mike Krichevsky: “the Rejected offers from “Lakers”, “Philadelphia” and “Boston»

Duke University head coach Mike Krzyszewski admitted that at the time he did not take the opportunity to lead the Lakers, Philadelphia or Boston.

“Two times I was very interested. In 1990, when Dave Gavitt took over the Celtics, I was interviewed by them. He was also interviewed by the Lakers in 2005, but ultimately did not lead the NBA team.

Ironically, after I gave up my job in the NBA in ‘ 90, we won our first two League titles.

In 2005, when I didn’t accept the offer, a few months later, Jerry Colangelo asked me to coach the national team. I am glad that I was able to work for the US national team for 11 years, ” Krzyszewski said on WIP sports radio.