Details of the 2019/2020 NBA season restart have become known

The athletic portal presented a detailed plan to resume the 2019/2020 season in the NBA. The matches will be played from July 30 to October 13 in Orlando.

Those NBA players who do not want to participate in the season restart must inform the clubs by June 24. For each missed game, basketball players will lose part of their salary.

Preparation for the resumption of the season will consist of 6 stages:

Stage 1 (June 12-22):
– all players return to their home cities, the raptors gather at the University arena in Naples (Florida);
– only individual training is allowed;

  • players are not allowed to move freely outside the house, you can only go out for an exceptional need-to buy food.

Stage 2 (June 23-30):

  • teams conduct mandatory testing for coronavirus

Stage 3 (July 1-11):

  • individual classes, which can be attended by coaches;
  • group training is prohibited, no more than eight players can be present in the hall at the same time.

Stage 4A (July 7-11):

  • teams move to the disney World campus, each club’s delegation includes up to 35 people
    – all teams are settled in three hotels;
    – upon arrival, players and club members are isolated and tested for coronavirus;
    – everyone on campus will be required to wear a mask, except for training, any physical activity, or eating;
    – some campus employees will not live in a restricted area, but should be constantly monitored for symptoms of the coronavirus;
    – from July 7, players will be tested for prohibited substances, except for marijuana, its use is legalized in the state of Florida.

Stage 4B (July 11-21):

  • start of team training;
  • players should follow the recommendations: do not spit on the court, do not clear your nose, do not wipe the ball on the shirt, do not lick your fingers and do not touch the mouth guard unnecessarily;
  • games are allowed to share leisure time: ping-pong, Golf, video games, cards, etc., but only with those who live in their hotel;
    – group breakfasts, Lunches and dinners are held in an open space;
  • players are not allowed to visit their colleagues ‘ rooms;
  • players are allowed to hire a personal chef at their own expense, who will send meals to the campus daily;
    – players will not be prohibited from leaving the campus, but the League assumes that players will not leave;
    – if a player leaves the campus, he will have to undergo in-depth testing and a two-week quarantine (missed matches will be deducted from his salary).

Stage 5 (July 22-29):
– teams will play three exhibition matches against teams that are located in the same hotel;
– from July 22, players are allowed to communicate with representatives of teams located in other hotels.

Stage 6 (July 30 – October 13):

– teams will play 8 matches to determine the participants of the playoffs and a mini-tournament for the eighth place, if necessary;
– after departure, the team immediately leaves the NBA campus;
– the remaining teams can reserve up to 17 rooms for guests, the rooms are paid for by the players themselves;
– all guests must first pass a three-day quarantine in any place (at home or in a hotel);

  • agents can not be among the guests (unless they are a member of the player’s family);
    – a guest who left the campus will not be able to return to it.