LeBron responded to criticism of his duplicitous civic stance

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James has spoken out about the criticism of his civic stance. James was accused of duplicity by activist Joshua Wong for ignoring the situation between China and Hong Kong. At the same time, LeBron actively supports protests for racial justice in the United States.

“I’m only talking about what I’m aware of. After all, everyone knows what’s right and wrong. I wish that people’s lives become better-regardless of skin color, race, and everything else,” – quotes James Bloomberg.

Recall that last year, the General Manager of the Houston rockets, Daryl Morey, supported the protests in Hong Kong, after which he came under fire. LeBron James stated that Morey was unaware of the consequences of his position.

Last month, an African-American man, George Floyd, was arrested by police on suspicion of using a false check for $ 20. After the arrest, one of the officers pressed the man’s neck to the asphalt and held him for about six minutes, despite pleas to let go because he could not breathe. After a while, Floyd lost consciousness.

He was taken away by an ambulance, but the hospital could not save his life. After that, riots spread to more than 20 us States. After Floyd’s death, black protests for racial justice broke out in the country, which were supported by many NBA stars, including LeBron.

New details about LeBron James ‘ famous “Decision” revealed

Broadcast on television with the announcement of the famous “Decision” of LeBron James to move from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat in 2010 was actually the idea of a fan, and not representatives of the player Maverick Carter, Leon rose, rich Paul or anyone from the management of the ESPN channel, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“The idea came from a terrific source who had nothing to do with James, his camp, or ESPN. It was basketball fan drew from Columbus, Ohio, who emailed a proposal to former ESPN employee bill Simmons in November 2009. Tom liked the idea, and encouraged all interested parties to work on an announcement of the show called “the LeBron Decision,” writes journalist Chris Fedor.

Two months after Cleveland’s relegation from the playoffs in 2010, James held an unprecedented event called “the Decision” at the Boys & Girls club in Greenwich, Connecticut. LeBron announced his retirement from the Cavaliers in front of dozens of children present and numerous fans who watched the broadcast on television. James stated that he was “transporting his talents” to the South coast and would play alongside Dwyane Wade and Chris BOSH for the Miami Heat. According to media reports, LeBron’s appeal brought $ 2.5 million to the club in Greenwich, and the ESPN broadcast became one of the highest-rated in history.