Bradley Beal may become a co-owner of the Mets baseball club

Washington offensive lineman Bradley Beal is among the investors who have joined singer Jennifer Lopez and former baseball player Alex Rodirges, who intend to buy the Mets baseball club from new York.

The couple are ready to invest serious money in this project. Their investment group has already made a $ 1.7 billion offer.

The billionaire Creator of the hedge Fund SAC Capital, Steve Cohen, has so far offered the highest price – $ 2 billion.

Carmelo Anthony believes six sports clubs, including the Warriors, should change their name because of racism

The Washington Redskins NFL club may change its name due to allegations of racism.

The team has long been criticized for its name and logo. “Redskins” translates as “Redskins”, and the club logo depicts an Indian. Many believe that this offends native Americans.

According to Portland star forward Carmelo Anthony, the Redskins are not the only franchise in the United States whose name is racist.

Anthony’s list of six clubs includes the NBA warriors.

The basketball player also named the football “Kansas city Chiefs” and “Cleveland Indians”, the MLB club” Atlanta Braves “and the hockey”Chicago Blackhawks”.

“We will not achieve equality until all our communities are equal,” Anthony wrote.

Kerr and Popovich supported the bill on the reform of US police

A coalition of NFL, NBA, and MLB players collected 1,400 signatures in support of the police reform bill in the United States.

Amid protests over the death of African-American George Floyd, a bill was introduced in the us Congress that considers the possibility of holding police officers accountable for any misconduct.

Among those who expressed support for the initiative were NFL players Tom Brady, Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, baseball players Alex Bregman and C. C. Sabathia, as well as current NBA coaches Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich.

NFL quarterback drew Brees, who was previously criticized for speaking out about the protest gesture of getting down on one knee during the us national anthem, also supported the reform.