NBA teams will be able to place slogans about social justice on information panels

According to an ESPN insider, Adrian Wojnarowski, the NBA will allow teams that will be considered hosts of venues during the restart matches to place slogans about social justice on information panels.

During the first four days of the restart, slogans will be placed on the panels immediately after the players ‘ warm-up and before the national anthem is played.

The League previously allowed players to put slogans on game jerseys instead of last names after the 2019/20 season restart in Orlando.

The season will resume on July 30. On the first day of the restart, New Orleans and Utah will play, as well as the Lakers and clippers.

Joel Embiid: “I want to play with Ben Simmons throughout my career»

Philadelphia center Joel Embiid said he would like to play with his teammate Ben Simmons throughout his career.

“He throws three-pointers, and I’m glad that he finally realized that this is exactly what we need for the championship. It’s only our third year playing together. I love Ben, I want to play with him for the rest of my career, and I think he still has potential to grow, and so do I. We can become much better than we are now, ” Embiid said.

Skip Bayless: “LeBron and Davis have the potential to be the best Duo since Shaq and Kobe»

Famous TV host Skip Bayless believes that the leaders of the” Lakers ” LeBron James and Anthony Davis can become one of the best duos in history.

“LeBron and Davis have the potential to become the best Duo since Shaq and Kobe, but they have achieved absolutely nothing together. Shaq and Kobe together won 3 Championships in a row and 70% of playoff games, ” Bayless said.

Danny Green: “LeBron is a clutch player»

Lakers quarterback Danny Green believes that the leader of the California team, LeBron James, is excellent at the most important moments of games.

“He’s a clutch player. It appears when the lights are brightest, ” green said.

James was often criticized over the course of his career for getting lost in tense stretches of matches.