The top 3 most difficult matches of Jon Jones’ career

Let’s look back 3 times as if the defeat of former UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Vitor Belfort – UFC 152

VItor Belfort is probably not the easiest person to trouble Jon Jones. Vitor Belfort, however, was the closest one to the possibility of ending the UFC heavy-duty monument.

At UFC 152, after a series of overwhelming situations, Vitor Belfort unexpectedly took a dangerous position and hit the armbar. This armbar was so deep that fans thought Jon Jones’ arm was about to be broken. However, the iron will and unbelievable calmness of Jon Jones, the young champion at that time went upstream and successfully broke Americana’s arm on Vitor Belfort.

Lyoto Machida – UFC 140

Although the Lyoto Machida vs Jon Jones match ended with a guilotine lock and the sight of the Brazilian MMA legend rolling with eyes and eyes falling to the floor, it was still a difficult match for Jon Jones.

In the first half, Jon Jones was unable to beat Machida’s superior Karate skill. Even the young champion at that time was punched many times with just a single left punch of Machida.

However, that is also the death of the Brazilian MMA legend – he only has one fighting strategy. In the first half, Machida succeeded with the anti-turret tactic and counterattack with his left hand, but the lack of flexibility and tactical flexibility made the coach Jon Jones find the gap.

During the break between the first half and the second half, on the corner of Jon Jones, coach Mike Winkeljohn reminded the champion: “Stop breaking the turret, just click once and punch straight”. Jon Jones did as he did and as a result, Machida received a blow when he was about to hit a straight left forte. This punch changed the game, giving Jones a chance to force Machida’s cage and perform a guillotine strangle that left Machida unconscious shortly after.

The UFC Karate legend collapsed like a bun and the UFC championship was still on Jon Jones’s waist.


Daniel Cormier – UFC 182

In the first encounter between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones, the two had conflicts, even fighting backstage. Cormier was then the undefeated UFC champion, and Jon Jones has just returned

Daniel Cormier has caused many problems for Jon Jones in close range, in the clinch. In particular, this boxer also performed the throwing phase of Jon Jones like a doll that made the audience excited.

On the opposite corner of the station, Jon Jones did not fit while constantly overwhelming Cormier with striking attacks and tactical turret breaks. Perhaps this careful investment of Jon Jones made Cormier lose his fitness in the final half, creating conditions for Jon Jones to rise to the final victory.