The journalist wrote that the NBA became unpleasant because of BLM, but later deleted the message

American reporter Craig Sager Jr., the son of the famous former columnist Craig Sager, published a message on his Twitter page that caused a big scandal.

“The NBA has become unpleasant. This has nothing to do with my father’s death, but it has everything to do with the Black Lives Matter movement,” Sager Jr. wrote.

His sister, Casey, disagreed.

“You haven’t watched the NBA in years. Why are you showing up now and spreading this nonsense? What does this even mean? And why involve your father in this,” Casey Sager wrote.

Sager’s message provoked a strong reaction, and he eventually deleted the message.

Recall that Craig Sager Sr. was one of the most famous columnists in the League, he died in 2016.

Toronto lost the series to Boston and resigned as the NBA champion

The seventh game of the NBA Eastern conference semifinal series between the Toronto raptors and the Boston Celtics took place in Orlando, Florida, USA. The meeting ended with a 92-87 victory for Boston and a team from Massachusetts reaching the conference finals.

Celtics light forward Jason Tatum was the most productive player in the game, with a double-double of 29 points and 12 rebounds. The raptors ‘ best performance was scored by Fred Vanvleet, who scored 20 points. Toronto’s Cameroonian forward Pascal Siakam had a double-double with 13 points and 11 rebounds.

Thus, the Toronto raptors are eliminated from the current playoff draw and resign as the NBA champion. The Boston Celtics will play the Miami Heat in the Eastern conference finals.

The Houston player was suspended until the end of the season

Houston rockets forward Daniel house is suspended until the end of the 2019/2020 season and will not participate in the current League playoff games, according to ESPN.

This decision was made by the NBA leadership after an investigation showed that house brought an outsider to his room in the “bubble”, who was there for a long time. Earlier, the media reported that we are talking about a girl who does players tests for coronavirus, and that house spent the night with her. The League rules allow you to bring only close relatives to the “bubble”.

At the moment, house has already left the camp in Orlando, while he denied violating the NBA’s sanitary rules. Other rockets players were not involved in the incident.

Houston loses to the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western conference semifinal series by a score of 1-3.