Leonard is the only player not to take a knee in the NBA finals. He explained why

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard became the only basketball player not to kneel during the first game of the NBA finals with the Los Angeles Lakers (98:116). Referee Kane Fitzgerald is the second player in the game to do the same. The rest of the players, coaches and employees of both clubs, as well as the service staff, decided to support the action with reverence.

“I am a compassionate person and sincerely love all people. I can’t fully understand how our world literally and figuratively turned into black and white. There was a so-called division: “If you’re not on your knees, you’re not with us.” This is not true. I will continue to use my platform, my voice, and my actions to show how much I care about African-American culture and everyone else. I live to help other people and have a positive impact on them,” Yardbarker quotes Leonard as saying.

Previously, Leonard did not kneel in the first games of the NBA season restart in Orlando in August. Leonard said he would always stand during the anthem. His brother became a marine in 2008, considering it his duty to serve the United States after the September 11 tragedy. Meyers feels that he honors his brother and those who serve in the military when he stands during the anthem.

LeBron surpassed Jordan and Thompson, along with Davis conquering the achievement of Kobe and Shaq

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James made 2 of 4 shots from beyond the arc in the first game of the NBA finals with the Miami Heat. Now he has 87 accurate three-pointers in the final series. James finished second in League history, ahead of Golden state Warriors offensive guard clay Thompson (86). Stephen Curry, another Warriors basketball player, leads the way with 121 accurate three-point shots.

In addition, the 35-year-old James came in fifth in the number of accurate penalties in the NBA finals series, ahead of Chicago bulls legend Michael Jordan. Top 6 record holders: Jerry West – 455, bill Russell – 321, magic Johnson – 284, Elgin Baylor – 277, LeBron James – 259, Michael Jordan – 258.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis repeated the achievement of Lakers legends Kobe Bryant and Shaquille o’neal. In the first game of the final series with Miami, James scored 25 points, Davis — 34. LeBron and Anthony became the first Duo of Lakers players since Bryant and o’neal to score 25 or more points in one game of the final series. In the second game of the 2004 NBA finals with the Detroit pistons, Bryant scored 33 points and o’neal scored 29 points.