The four most popular betting sports of 2020 in America

Here are the top betting sports of 2020 in the US and why fans love to bet on these activities so much.

Horse racing

Horse racing has long been a popular sport for betting, which is unlikely to change in 2020. Horse racing betting is a huge market, especially popular at a time of events like the Grand National, EpsomDerby, Royal Ascot, and Glorious Goodwood. The great thing is that there are so many events to bet on all the time with companies, and it’s a sport that has many fans around the world.


Golf is touted as the next big sport for betting. With 78 athletes playing at any given time of the year, the prospect of betting on a golf championship is even more appealing to a gambler because there are so many opportunities, odds, and different outcomes from other sports. And with Tiger Woods returning to the sport after injury, the sport could grow even more.



Hockey is a huge business worldwide, and when it comes to sports betting in the US, it’s a huge market. Millions of fans take their journeys supporting their team every season and watching on TV for other activities. Chat and pre-match prediction is considered as a key in betting on hockey, with post-match analysis to determine which bets are right or wrong.


In recent years, pay-per-view boxing matches have become popular, proving that boxing is not a dead sport and that all the fans are still there. Not only in England but also people started to take an interest in the sport – in the US, and elsewhere around the globe, the world of boxing became increasingly recognized. With proof of the viewership this sport can bring, it’s no surprise that betting sites are looking to get rich in that interest and encourage more fans to take part in betting.