Top 5 most impressive returns in tennis history (Part 2)

Roger Federer

He is considered the greatest tennis player in history, at least in terms of statistics. He holds a record 20 times the Grand Slam men’s singles championship. He was loved by the audience both on and off the pitch due to his talent and attitude.

But in 2016, Federer was running the bandage, suddenly weakened due to a torn meniscus in his knee, forced to take a 5-month break from hitting. When he returned, he suffered from back pain, which greatly affected his ability to move.

It seemed that Federer’s career was over after he relapsed into a knee injury at the end of 2016 in the Wimbledon semi-finals against Milos Raonic

Federer rested for the rest of the 2016 season. In 2017, he had a spectacular revival. After 5 years without a big title, the 35-year-old general suddenly played like he was 25, won the 5th Australian Open and Wimbledon 8th.

Monica Seles

The Yugoslav girl dominated women’s tennis in the early 1990s with 7 Grand Slams from 1990 to 1993. In 1991, Seles missed the opportunity to acquire the entire Grand Slam in 1 year due to injury against Wimbledon.

In the midst of squeezing former world No. 1 Steffi Graf, Seles was suddenly stabbed while playing in Germany. The incident greatly affected psychology, forcing Seles to break up tennis for 28 months.

In the midst of rumors that Seles was out of the game, she returned in August 1995. She immediately advanced to the US Open final later that month against Graf. By early the following year, the Seles won the Australian Open, completing an outstanding comeback.

Novak Djokovic

The injury almost ended Djokovic’s career early. After winning his 12th Grand Slam title in June 2016 and it was Djokovic’s first win at Roland Garros, he suffered from chronic elbow pain and had to sit out for much of the 2017 season to recover.

In January 2018, after losing to Chung Hyeon, Djokovic decided to have surgery to end the pain that has been excruciating for nearly 2 years. At that time, he confessed that he no longer liked tennis, so he wanted to retire.

Any doubt after that, Djokovic won the Wimbledon 2018 championship and then had four more Grand Slam men’s singles to raise the number of great titles to 17.

And in 2020, if he doee not count the losing match at the US Open, he is winning on the way to Roland Garros 2020.