Why does legend Shaquille O’Neal ban three daughters from dating NBA players?

Although claiming to want 3 girls to be free and creative, but about love story Shaquille O’Neal forbids girls from asking NBA players.

Like so many Westerners, the legendary Shaquille O’Neal has great respect for his children’s personal lives. Former LA Lakers striker wants his children to live in a good educational environment and completely independent.

O’Neal has three daughters: Taahirah – 24 years old, Amirah – 18 years old and Me’arah – 14 years old, the 48-year-old’s goal is to have his children independent at a certain age while he is only Play the role of a guide.

But about dating it is clear Shaquille O’Neal does not want his three daughters to be near NBA players. “I want them to be fully educated and learn to be independent, I want them to fulfill that goal at the age of 18 and become little adults. I’m not going to be like fathers who tell their kids to do one thing or the other, I just act as a guide to get them on the right trackā€, O’Neal told American Express.

But when asked by a reporter what would it be like if his three daughters were dating NBA players? Shaquille O’Neal immediately shook his head and said “No.” That answer seems to contradict the statements that he just confirmed earlier.

After 19 years playing and wearing 6 football teams in the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal knew hundreds of players. So he knows the NBA environment very well and his peers, he knows how they behave on and off the pitch.

From the past to the present, although many players left good pictures, but there are also many stars leaving bad examples, so the decision to ban their children from dating NBA players is also an easy understanding decision by Shaquille O’Neal.