The NBA Players Association opposes the new season’s schedule

The NBA’s promotion to planning the new season has been stymied by the opposition of the players.

The players almost disagree with the plan to organize the season from December 22 of the NBA. The NBA Player of the Union (NBPA) voted against this. The reason given is that the opening day of the tournament comes only two months after the Final, which is not enough for the players to recover from the NBA Bubble period.

There are currently two plans in the NBA. The first plan is for the tournament to start on December 22nd, there are 72 main season games, the Playoffs stage runs from May to July. The second plan pushes the opening date down January 18, shortens the main season to 60, maybe even 50 games, and the Champions will lift the cup on August 21-23.

It can be seen that Adam Silver and his team want to avoid coinciding with the Olympics, or at least the NFL to maximize the number of television viewers – the prerequisite for tournament revenue when fans are not to the yard. However, both of the above plans were opposed by the players.

With the second plan, teams that only play 50-60 games will not receive the same amount of TV royalties as before and this will have a direct impact on the players’ pocket money. The NBPA wants the tournament to have at least 72 matches.

According to sources, the deadline for the NBA to close the number one game plan is on November 5 local time. If until now the players have not come to an agreement on the schedule, surely the new NBA season will only start as early as January 2021.

Just a few days after speaking out, the NBA Players Association (NBPA) changed its attitude and agreed with the idea of opening the season on December 22. The new season will feature 72 matches and close in July, before the Tokyo Olympics kicks off.