LeBron James hints again that he is not happy about the early start of the season

Lakers forward LeBron James has hinted again on social media that he is not thrilled with an early start to the 2020/21 season.

James reacted to a tweet from one of the fans, who, commenting on the possible activity of Denver in the offseason, wrote: “Can’t wait for the NBA to return.”

James, 35, wrote back, “Easy for you to say!”

The 2020 offseason will be the shortest in history – 71 days.

Bob Myers Talks Intentions For $ 17.2M Trade Exclusion

Warriors general manager Bob Myers spoke about the club’s intentions to use the $ 17.2 million trade exemption that was received from the Andre Igudala trade.

“The orders from the bosses have not changed. If it makes sense, we’ll take this step. If not, then we won’t.

I have not been told that I cannot use an exception. I was also not told that I have to use it, ”said Myers.

The use of the exemption will lead to a significant increase in tax payments for the club, even with the NBA’s plan to reduce the corresponding burden on teams in 2021.

NBA may increase the number of days of use of players on bilateral contracts

The NBA ahead of the 2020/21 season may increase the number of days of use in the main teams of players who have signed bilateral contracts.

Currently, players with bilateral contracts can be used in the base for 45 days. With a shortened calendar for the upcoming season and expected outings due to the coronavirus, clubs want more room to strengthen their roster.

Previously, league teams had to get creative, often sending players with bilateral contracts from the Development League to the base and vice versa.

The Knicks Don’t Want To Give Too Many Assets For Chris Paul

New York is interested in acquiring all-star Oklahoma point guard Chris Paul.

At the same time, according to SNY, the club’s management fears that Thunder will ask for too many assets for Paul.

Some at the Knicks believe the club shouldn’t be ditching all of its assets for Paul to be able to do another major roster-strengthening deal in the future.

In a potential deal with Oklahoma, New Yorkers are expected to part with Kevin Knox and the 8th pick in the 2020 draft.