First Pick NBA Draft 2005 announced his retirement

After 15 years of high performance, Andrew Bogut, First Pick NBA Draft 2005 decided to retire at the age of 36, closing a successful career.

Center-forward Andrew Bogut recently announced his retirement at the age of 36, ending a ups and downs career for one of Australia’s greatest players in basketball history.

Born on November 28, 1984 in Melbourne, Bogut spent most of his childhood with football and tennis. However, at home alone, Bogut began to get used to the basketball board and orange ball, since then he found the sport of his life.

Becoming the top young talent of Australian basketball, he joined the National Sports Academy, thereby early entering the U.19 team and leaving a lot of marks in the world youth tournaments.

The NBA dream started when Andrew Bogut became a student in Utah and hung the number 4 shirt after countless achievements. At the 2005 NBA Draft, then 22-year-old Bogut became the First Pick after being selected by the Milwaukee Bucks.

After 14 NBA seasons, the 2m13 high striker has played 5 teams and his first championship ring is also the only one in 2015 in the Golden State Warriors shirt.

In 2018 he returned to his hometown with Sydney Kings at the NBL Australian Professional Basketball tournament. At 35 years old, Bogut remains the tournament’s best player with the MVP title and made it to the All-NBL First Team squad.

Between the two NBL seasons, Bogut returned to the Golden State Warriors for the 2018-19 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. However, he was unable to get the second ring with the golden gate bridge team.

On May 25, Andrew Bogut announced that he would not renew his contract with Sydney Kings and consider retiring. After half a year of consideration, the top striker in Australian basketball history decided to retire when he achieved many career glory.

In addition to what is shown on the field, Andrew Bogut is famous for being straightforward and not afraid to express his opinion in the face of inadequacies. He once faced a penalty when he did not hesitate to attack NBL and FIBA.

After the decision to retire, the colleagues at Golden State Warriors and Sydney Kings have sent their best wishes to Andrew Bogut. Farewell to basketball, he wants to focus on business and spend more time with his small family!