Soccer remains the world’s most popular sport, with an estimated following of 4 billion fans. That means it must be an incredibly awesome sport to attract half of the world’s population. Discussed below are the factors that make soccer most popular than any other sport internationally.


Soccer is among the cheapest sports to play. You can play soccer even if you do not have a soccer ball. Most kids will make their balls and mark the goals with two sticks or even stones. There are also cheap soccer balls which most people can afford. In pro soccer, the team provides a soccer ball and uniform while players will be required to buy shin guards and soccer cleats.

Player Focused

Soccer games sometimes depend on individual players for the team to win. You will find a team that might have a single player who is depended on by the fans as the best player. This makes individual players become soccer stars and gain fame internationally. The team players follow the coach’s guidance, but in case they see they are losing, the players are allowed to use individual strategy and skill to save the day.

East to Play and Flexible

Soccer is easy to play and understand the basics. Those interested in soccer can watch it once and learn the basics. If you know that you need to score on the opponent’s goal, never touch the ball, and each goal award you one point, you are good to go. The other basics, like corners, penalties, among others, are also easy to learn. When it comes to flexibility, soccer can be played anywhere where there is space, whether indoor or outdoor.

The history of soccer, its competitiveness, and the fact that it is played globally increase the popularity of the game as well.